Saturday, June 21, 2008

One Little Angel

I find comfort in being prepared and having some kind of plan so I decided I would go out and look for wigs. I want to have a human hair wig instead of synthetic and wanted to have someone cut it for me so that it is closer to my style.

Human hair wigs are much nicer than I thought they would be. They feel good, they look good and you can style them like you would your own hair. But they are EXPENSIVE! $1600.00-$3200.00 for the ones that I found. I almost fainted on the spot. I did not purchase one and am going to continue to look for other options.

I came home quite discouraged because nothing with cancer is as easy as I would like it to be. I wanted to just go out, find a wig I liked, buy a couple so I would have options and that would be the end of it. But, it was not to be.

Some days are harder than others and yesterday was definitely one of them.

I have always thought that once you have children, you can't ever entertain the idea of not believing in God. They are little miracles and mine bring me more joy than anything else in the world. I am blessed to just have them in my life. So imagine my surprise when Darci (my youngest daughter) tells me that she wants to continue to grow her hair so that she can donate it. Not just to anyone, but to me. She has been trying to grow her hair out for a couple of years. She has beautiful thick brown hair that is just a shade lighter than mine. She came up with this completely on her own and hadn't heard me talk about my discouragement with wigs. I'm stunned....and proud....and more madly in love with my children than ever before.

So, together with my other daughter, we have made a plan. Darci's hair is not quite long enough to donate while still leaving her with a length she will be happy with. I will start losing my hair about 2 weeks after my first round of chemo. I have made an appointment on July 25th to have my head shaved. I will buy a wig to wear for the couple of months that I am going through chemo and then in September, we will cut Darci's hair and take it to this man in Bellevue who makes wigs out of your own (or in this case, your daughter's) hair. I will wear my daughter's hair as mine begins to grow out.

I am amazed and proud of the selfless, beautiful, wonderful girls that I am raising. My little angels!

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