Friday, June 27, 2008


Wednesday was Darci's birthday. but it felt like mine. My friend Michelle came over and gave me a card with a substantial amount of money to use to purchase a wig. The card was signed by over 20 people who contributed. I cried immediately when I read it, and have cried every day since, as has Larry.

I cried for so many reasons. I was overwhelmed by the generosity of friends and family, I was overwhelmed with relief that something that has been causing me a great deal of emotional stress is now going to be substantially easier. I cried with disbelief that so many who have given and done so much already could reach inside themselves and give even more. I cried because I have always been extremely independent and have never accepted anything like this from anyone. But mostly I cried because I just didn't know.

I have spent a good portion of my life feeling I didn't quite belong. Like I was on the outside looking in. Like I had to make it on my own. Like I would be weak if I had to rely on anyone else.

I didn't know that there was that much love in the world for me and for my family. Larry didn't know either. We are overwhelmed with gratitude and love.

To those of you have supported us in the wig fund or in any other way, and those of you who have kept us in your thoughts and prayers, thank you for showing me in no uncertain terms that I am loved and that my family is loved. I just didn't know.


Tana Atkinson said...

You and your family are very much loved and that you do fit in because you are you! That is why everyone loves you so much! That is very sweet of all your family and friends to help you out. I think that it's even more special what your daughter wants to do. I wish more adults were like your Darci! What a truly special little angel you have! Hang in there and know that you are very much loved!


Annie Searle said...

Tracy -- I'm so impressed with your candor and your optimism!

I'll be holding you close in my thoughts these next several weeks, especially while I'm training for the 3 Day Walk.