Sunday, January 4, 2009

Long Term Contract

Now that we are officially into the new year of 2009, people are talking about New Year's resolutions. I actually don't like New Year's resolutions. They feel like a short term contract to me. If you are going to make a plan, make it a long term contract or what is the point?

In looking ahead to this year and many more, here is where my long term contract begins with myself:

1) I will take care of myself. I will make exercise a part of my life and will be mindful of what I put into my body. I will remember that I am worth the effort it takes to be a healthy person.

2) I will make time for fun. Sometimes I forget that fun and laughter are important things. It is easy for me to get involved in my day to day life, complete with stress and worries, but those aren't the times I remember. It is the fun times that I remember and treasure.

3) I will live a broader life. I have a small family, a small group of friends, I live in a small town and I have been content in this place for a long time. My cancer diagnosis has helped me to realize that there is a much bigger world out there that I can reach out and touch. This doesn't mean I'm not happy in my life, I am...I just want to broaden it and continue to learn.

4) I will write. Writing has become something that I very much enjoy doing and I will find a way to continue doing it. I have two ideas for books that I would like to start tackling this year. What I know about writing or publishing books is exactly zero, but if I want to do it, I must put it out in the universe so I can learn.

5) I will work at a job that I love. What a chaotic year it has been for employment for us. I will work at WaMu until March and then I will have the opportunity to find a job that I love. For the most part, I enjoy working. I like being part of something bigger than me and I like bringing value. I have skills and I like being good at something. I also like having the flexibility to have my job be a part of my life-not my whole life.

6) I will raise money towards cancer. Cancer is a miserable disease and it breaks my heart every time I hear of someone who has been diagnosed or has lost their battle. It just has to go away and that is all there is to it. I have to do my part to make it go away.

7) I will treasure my friends and family. They are the reason why I got in the ring to duke it out with cancer. They are what gave me the strength to keep doing it.

8) I will continue to raise amazing children. I almost think they could do this on their own. This is the nature vs nurture argument. Is it the parents that help to make the children great, or do they just come out that way? I think Larry and I are good parents, but we lucked out in the kid department! Our kids are amazing and I am in awe of them every day.

9) I will be thankful.

10) To be continued....

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