Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chemo sucks!

The thing with chemo is that it just messes with me enough to make everything difficult. I am not queasy exactly, but kind of shaky, like I am hungry all the time. I am also achy, like I have the flu. Just enough that advil doesn't quite handle it, but not quite enough to go for anything stronger. I am willing to eat, but unfortunately everything tastes like rubber or cardboard. I am trying hard to be strong, but have spent most of the last two days on the couch, achy, shaky and weepy. I don't know if that is part of the chemo or just part of the whole experience catching up with me, but I seem to be crying a lot.

I hate cancer.


Dawn said...

I've called you a few times but keep calling when you are sleeping. I'm glad you are resting but miss talking to you each day. Hang in there and keep that 25% in mind!!

All my love - Baby Sister

Karen said...

Hi, Just thought i would say hello. I was diagnosed with G2 Advanced breast cancer in May 2007 which was Hormone receptive and HER2 positive. I have had the chemo, Radio and a bilateral mastectomy. I know its hard, i found the tiredness the hardest and yes the long days sitting in the chemo ward. You can get through this, be strong and remember you are not alone...

Love and Hugs
Karen x

Tana Atkinson said...

You are doing great. You are bound to have those achy crappy feeling days. Allow yourself that, as once you do, you will start to feel better. It's the combination of all the drugs, the emotions, etc. that are running wild through you. YOU ARE 25% DONE! That is a great milestone. You've made it this far, you can keep on pushing forward. Hopefully you are starting to feel a little better every day. Hopefully this weekend, you can go do a few things with your family. Don't overdo, as you will regret it, but listen to your body. You are an amazing person and such an inspiration to us all. You have a great mind set. Hang in there!
Love, Tana

Kris R said...

I'm so sorry that you are feeling like crap. And I agree with the comment by Tana that you just need to go with how you are feeling and not push yourself to "feel better" or be upbeat all the time. Your body is working hard. Give yourself a break and wrap up in the blanket we gave you as a substitute hug from all of us. I wish we could all take a turn taking one of your crappy days, but unfortunately, we can't. Hang in there, you're tough!

Pamk said...

So sorry to hear that you're hitting a 'rough patch'-but so proud of you that you are fighting the good fight. We are all thinking of you constantly, and walk the fine line of wanting to call all the time so you know we are thinking of you and not calling so that we aren't bugging you! We love you and are so proud of you!! Be sure and pick up the phone when you need help-we're all waiting for those calls!