Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chemo Day 2

So far not so bad. I woke up a little shaky this morning but other than that, no real problems. The girls and I ran errands, took Darci into the doctor to see if her toe was broken, got some shots for Cailey and just hung out.

I know that the next few days could be worse, but that's OK. I will take advantage of the days that I feel good and be happy that I can spend them with my family. I will go in next Thursday to have my white blood cell counts checked. Besides having side effects that can be just plain annoying, this is actually the most dangerous one. My counts should go down significantly between day 7 and 10. I will be using lots of Purell and will be asking anyone who comes to see me or wants to hug me to do the same. I will also ask that if you have a sniffle or sore throat or anything else that you wait a few days to come and see me.

Thank you for all the phone calls and messages. I'm going to make it...I know it.

Now I can say that I a 25% done with chemo. You gotta like some accomplishment!

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