Thursday, May 29, 2008


Surgery is over. Everything went very well. They removed 4 lymph nodes and none of them showed any cancer. I will have to wait of course for the official word back from the lab for the nodes and for the actual test on the mass and the surrounding tissue.

I have a portable catheter in my chest for chemotherapy. Of all the incisions, this is what hurts the most. I am back at home, sore and tired, but glad that it is over.

My doctors and nurses were fabulous and I am very happy with the care I received. Special thanks to my cousin Craig who got me a great anesthesiologist and also was there for me when I came out of surgery. He has such a great bedside manner that apparently I wouldn't let him leave! I don't remember this, but do remember him being a big comfort to me.

Thank you to everyone who sent wishes, prayers, thoughts, cards, flowers and food. Thank you to my wonderful parents and husband for waiting patiently at the hospital. Special hugs and kisses to my sister who is still in the hospital with her beautiful babies. I wish I could be there with you. xoxo

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