Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hair Cut Day!

My last real haircut was in June of 2008. I knew that I was going to start chemo in July and was going to lose my hair so I wanted to have at least a month of a GREAT haircut. It lasted roughly 4 weeks and then I had that healthy head of hair shaved off.

After being bald, one would think that I would never again cut my hair, but it actually felt great. When my hair started growing back, it was very light and fuzzy for its first venture back into the world. As it has continued to grow, it has gotten thicker and much curlier than what I had before. My hair started growing back after my last chemo in September, but has taken several months to be long enough to do anything with. There still isn't much there for length, but I took my short little hairs into the salon yesterday and had it cut and colored.

I am very happy with the end result. They cut all of the fuzzy baby hair ends off and put a nice rich brown color into it so it doesn't look so mousy. It is still curly and I'm sure will continue to be, but at least now I can grow my hair out and it will look like a style instead of just grow-out. People might even think I have this hairstyle on purpose!

Both of my children asked me if this meant that I was going to keep my hair short as I think they both thought I would just let it continue to grow until it was similar in length to what it was before. They like the new cut, but I think they are a little alarmed that I have lost my mind if I am cutting the 2 inches of hair that I have.

When you start chemo, everyone tells you that it is only hair and it will grow back. It isn't quite as simple as that and there are lots of emotions that go with being bald, but yes, it does grow back and thank goodness it does!

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