Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blood on Hold

Today at my office there is a blood drive. I have been giving blood for several years and the local blood donor location LOVES me! I have O- blood meaning that anyone on the planet can benefit from my blood. It is an easy thing for me to do that helps others.

Because I have a history of blood donation, I get emails and phone calls pretty regularly telling me that the supply of O- blood is low. I finally responded back telling them that I had been diagnosed with cancer and undergone chemotherapy and had been told that I couldn't donate blood.

A very nice man responded and told me that with the particular type of cancer that I had and the treatment that I received, I will be eligible to donate blood again after one year. I am happy to think that after a year, my blood count and quality of blood will be considered healthy again. So I can't donate blood in the office blood drive today, but sign me up in September. I'll be the first in line with nice clean blood to donate in the hopes that something that costs me nothing can make the difference in saving a life.


Annie Searle said...

I'm a Pisces type O- also!

Anonymous said...

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