Monday, October 5, 2009

Damn Boobs

October has been deemed Breast Cancer Awareness month. In a month that used to be all orange and black for Halloween, now everything is pink. Pink at the grocery store, at the gas station, on our soup cans, our kitchen gadgets, I even saw pink on the football uniforms of the Seattle Seahawks yesterday! It is all a little crazy sometimes to see so much pink, even for a breast cancer survivor such as myself. But it is still a good cause and there are lots of ways to help make a difference.

When I did the 3 day walk, I found that one of the walkers on my team had lost a good friend to breast cancer and had started a line of clothing in her honor. You can read Trisha's story about how the company and the company name came to be here The entire team honored her memory by wearing one of these shirts for the 2nd day of the walk. They definitely get a lot of attention and if you want to have a little fun with this pink month, these t-shirts and hats are a good way to do it. Trisha donates a percentage of her proceeds to breast cancer research so the money all goes to a good cause. Go check out Damn Boobs for yourself! I have a DamnBoobs tanktop and I know she has men's shirts as well. If you don't see what you are looking for on her website, drop her an email and ask if she has. I'll bet she can find you exactly what you are looking for so you can be in the Pink!

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Miss LaLa said...

Thank you so much for sharing this journal of your experience living through this ordeal. My sister has just entered remission from cancer and I am holding my breath for the next five years for clean scans every time. BTW, have you ever heard of the Breast Cancer Fund, an organization devoted to exposing and eliminating the environmental causes of breast cancer? Which is amazing, as I don’t know of any other organization working on addressing the root causes of breast cancer. I work for a company called To-Go Ware and we provide non-toxic alternatives to eating on-the-go and support the stance that Breast Cancer Fund takes around removing products that contain toxins from our daily lives (mostly plastics). Just thought you and your readers would like to know that To-Go Ware is running the Together We Can “Beet” Breast Cancer campaign for the month of October, giving 10% of online sales to the Breast Cancer Fund. They are an amazing organization, doing vitally important work to educate folks about the toxins in our environment that are potentially causing breast cancer. I love that my and so many other companies are stepping up and supporting breast cancer research, prevention and survivors!