Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Broken Hearted

My cousin Jeff and his lovely wife Rachel lost their beautiful baby girl this week before they even had a chance to know her. It absolutely breaks my heart.

Rest in peace sweet girl.


View - said...

As Mom to an angel son please pass my heartfelt hug on to your loved ones.

If at some point they are looking for an internet community that understands their unique grief please send them my way and I can point them to a couple different places that helped me on my grief journey.

Sending Peace...

Penny - Sean's Mom

Anonymous said...

Two of our good friends had the same thing happen to them on August 12th. It was and still is heart breaking. But, they are the strongest people... posting pictures of their sweet baby girl and their grief of never even getting to say hello on their Facebook site. It's tragic. Send them my prayers... Amy C.

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